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websites & branding for the arts

You should look as good as the work you create.
CurtainCall Design provides people and organisations working within the creative world an online presence to be be proud of, and one that won’t break the bank!

Our Services

We create websites and design materials for artists, theatres, bands, filmmakers, venues, photographers, production companies, plays, festivals, musicians… you get the idea.

Here’s the low-down on the particulars:

Web design and development

Web design & Development

You’ll get a clean, modern and responsive (mobile friendly) website from a team that has a strong background in the arts. Need to sell tickets or products directly from your site? We’ve got you covered. Your website is our passion.


From simply sprucing up your old logo to building a bespoke brand complete with wearable merch, we will get you looking your finest in digital and in print. Don’t underestimate how important a memorable visual identity is to stand out from the crowd!

Why us?

Choosing who’s going to build your shiny new website is important.
Here’s a few reasons why we’re right for you:

We're Experienced

We’ve been building websites for five years  and as we only work with clients within the creative sector, we have a deep understanding of what your needs and requirements may be.

We're perfectionists

We build fast, mobile-friendly websites and we have a sharp eye for detail. Whilst ‘build your own website’ packages may sound appealing, ultimately they limit your freedom and creativity and can lock you in to their ecosystem. We won’t sell you a website if we’re not proud of it ourselves.

We're Affordable

We believe that a high quality, custom built website shouldn’t have to cost the earth, and we know there’s not always an abundance of cash available to people and organisations in the arts.

Our Work

We’re lucky to have worked on some fantastic projects with some fantastic people.

"We were really impressed by CurtainCall and are over the moon with our website - thanks a lot!"

Josie & Imogen

"It was a pleasure to work with CurtainCall Design and we’re really pleased with The Room Above’s website. I would recommend them to anyone working in the arts in need of a website."


"We love our website and look forward to working with CurtainCall Design again. Thoroughly recommended."


What’s Included?

In addition to our top notch service, each website we build includes:

  • on-brand design and styling
  • a contact form so you don’t have to give out your email if you don’t want to
  • a free check over by one of our copywriters
  • a training session showing you how to easily edit content yourself
  • search engine optimisation


Your prices seem suspiciously low...
We’ve been doing this a while and we’ve got the knack of building websites efficiently.

Sure, we could charge £10,000 to a corporate client for a similar website. We could also sell our souls to capitalism. Go figure.

What's the catch?
Honestly? We do this because we believe in it.

The arts are under-valued and under-funded and their importance in the world is underestimated. If we can help in the face of that just a little bit then we’re happy.

We ask that if you’re pleased with the work we do to help spread our name by following us on social media, recommending us to your friends, so we can continue to help more people. We’ll also be over the moon if you’d let us leave a ‘made by CurtainCall Design’ note on the bottom of your website, but it’s by no mean obligatory (some design agencies will do this without asking).

Who do you work with?
In case this wasn’t clear, we work with artists, theatres, bands, filmmakers, venues, photographers, production companies, plays, festivals, musicians… you name it! If you have an artistic or creative job, project or organisation that’s in need of a website we’d be delighted to work with you.
I need a logo/graphics - can you help with that?
Absolutely! We’re experienced in all areas of digital branding and graphic design – if you don’t yet have a logo or branding then we can certainly help you out.

Our mission

We care about the arts. A lot.

We care about pretty websites too.

If we can help you communicate your story more effectively then we’re on to a winner because, ultimately, we want to encourage and inspire others to be part of a more creative world.

A bit of history…

CurtainCall Design is a stand against boring and uninspiring websites.

Creative people and organisations especially should have a website that encapsulates their imaginitive streak, it’s the main way the general public is going to see what they get up to, afterall.

Yet so often websites are the last item on the agenda (and the budget!) – it turns out that the actual running of a creative business or project leaves most people with little time or money to spend on their website. We wanted to help, and so CurtainCall Design was born.

Let’s make something awesome

Send us a message using the form and we’ll get back to you pronto. Alternatively, send an email to

We’re based in Bristol, UK, and would love to meet in person if you’re in the area – but don’t be put off if you’re in a different city (or even country), we’re experts at working remotely!